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Financial Services Representative (Contact Center/Call Center)

Albuquerque, NM

If you are passionate about providing world-class customer service in the financial services industry, keep reading!  This is a great opportunity to kick-start your career, especially if you have a nonlinear career path or non-linear education history (a college degree is NOT required).

Our client a third-party financial services firm. What does that mean? It means that their clients are billion-dollar financial services institutions and they hire our client to provide top-tier customer service across a variety of financial products - be it in loans, mortgages, collections, underwriting, mobile & internet solutions, etc.  

What will you do and who will like this job?

  • Once you are up and running, you are going to spend your days talking on the phone helping people with their financial services questions. 
  • You need to really enjoy talking on the phone. For real. Successful employees complete ~10-12 calls an hour and work for 8 hours a day. 
  • You also need stamina and patience and a tireless work ethic. 
  • You'll be working 5 days a week but it should be noted that you will be required to work at least one weekend day a week (and you will get one day off during the week). But, your weekend hours will be paid at a higher hourly rate than your regular week-day shift.
  • To be clear, this is NOT a good position for someone who wants to grow to be on the investment side of finance.  This is a role for someone who wants to grow within the world of customer service.


This is an incredible opportunity to start your career in financial services! We are committed to helping people who need experience, gain experience.  We are looking to hire dedicated, detail-oriented, and enthusiastic self-starters to join our company as Financial Services Representatives.  In this exciting, fast-paced position, you will be responsible for answering inbound calls while providing remarkable customer service on behalf of our clients - credit unions and banks - nationwide. 

The first two to three months of the job will be a $600/week paid training program (could vary based on the number of hours worked) - the Academy - where you will come into one of our office locations in either Elgin, IL, Naperville, IL, Albuquerque, NM or Knoxville, TN. The Academy is designed for those looking for the experience and skill development they need to build a career in the financial services industry at our client. Throughout the intensive best-in-class training program, candidates work individually and collectively with industry experts committed to fostering candidate success.

Key notes:

  • This is a remote work position after the initial in-office, paid training (45-90 days).
  • It is an opportunity to earn >$650 a week, once your training is complete! 
  • This is an hourly position, not a salaried position, but you can count on at least 40 hrs/week and you are eligible for overtime if needed.
  • You need to have a dedicated distraction-free workspace and high-speed internet of 20 mbps or greater. 
  • Our client will provide ALL computer and phone equipment.

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